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The Off - Broadway Theater of Long Island

By Noel Coward

  • April 4th at 8pm
  • April 5th at 8pm
  • April 6th at 2pm
  • April 6th at 8pm


At The BACCA Center
149 N Wellwood Avenue Lindenhurst, NY
Directed by Camille Giammarino

Mike McKasty as Charles Condomine
Liz DeFazio as Ruth Condomine
Kerry Quirke as
Elvira Condomine
Ruthe McKeown as Madame Arcati
Chris Rosselli as Dr. Bradman
Rebecca Kienzle as Mrs. Bradman
Doreen Pace as Edith
David Wenzel – Sound & Lighting Designer
Diane Pace – Stage Manager
Tickets $15

Charles Condomine, a successful novelist, wishes to learn about the occult for a novel he is writing, and he arranges for an eccentric medium, Madame Arcati, to hold a séance at his house. At the séance, she inadvertently summons Charles's first wife, Elvira, who has been dead for seven years. Madame Arcati leaves after the séance, unaware that she has summoned Elvira. Only Charles can see or hear Elvira, and his second wife, Ruth, does not believe that Elvira exists until a floating vase is handed to her out of thin air. The ghostly Elvira makes continued, and increasingly desperate, efforts to disrupt Charles's current marriage. She finally sabotages his car in the hope of killing him so that he will join her in the spirit world, but it is Ruth rather than Charles who drives off and is killed. Ruth's ghost immediately comes back for revenge on Elvira, and though Charles cannot at first see Ruth, he can see that Elvira is being chased and tormented, and his house is in uproar. He calls Madame Arcati back to exorcise both of the spirits, but instead of banishing them, she materialises Ruth. With both his dead wives now fully visible, and neither of them in the best of tempers, Charles, together with Madame Arcati, goes through séance after séance and spell after spell to try to exorcise them, and at last Madame Arcati succeeds.






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