StageLight Entertainment

The Off - Broadway Theater of Long Island



by Charles Busch


directed by Michael H Carlin

Saturday May 31 at 8pm

Sunday June 1 at 3pm

Friday June 6 at 8pm

Saturday June 7 at 8pm

Sunday June 8 at 3pm




$15.00 Adults

$12.00 Seniors / Students

$10.00 Bacca Members



Chris Rosselli  -  Angela Arden

Mike McKasty  - Tony Parker

Kerry Quirke  -  Bootsie Carp

Jessie Maldonado  -  Eddie Sussman

Guy DeMatties  -  Sol Sussman

Sal Casto - Lance Sussman

They say you've got to climb Mt. Everest to reach the Valley of the Dolls. But you only have to go to Lindenhurst to see Stagelight Entertainment's production of Charles Busch's absurd comedy play, "Die Mommie Die!"
This hilarious show spoofs all those classic cult Hollywood horror hag films of the 1960s, most of which starred Bette Davis and Joan Crawford, such as "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?", "Hush, Hush Sweet Charlotte", "Dead Ringer", "Straight Jacket", "Berserk" and "Die, Die, My Darling".
It's 1967 and a dysfunctional Hollywood family, the Sussmans, consists of a faded singing star, Angela Arden, her twin sister, Barbara, who committed suicide years ago-- or did she?, her husband, Sol P. Sussman, a has been film producer and louse of a husband and their two bratty adolescent children, Edith and Lance, who are all philandering, poisoning or plotting against one another.
Throw in a highly paid gigolo/TV actor/detective, named Tony Parker, a devoted, bible toting maid, Bootsie, and lots of tongue-in-cheek dialogue chock full of sexual innuendo, and you have all the necessary ingredients for a campy Charles Busch melodramatic, mystery/parody.


Not recommended for young children.



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